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2013-12-27 – Sales Incentive Card

Sales Incentive Card
What is a Sales Incentive Card?
Nothing happens within a business until a sale is made! Get things moving within your business by incentivizing your sales force!
A Sales Incentive Card is a plastic card that lays out the details of your incentives for your sales staff. Printed on durable plastic, the Sales Incentive Cards will show your commitment to rewarding your sales staff for meeting, and exceeding, your sales goals.

Who Should Offer a Sales Incentive Card?
Any business with a sales staff should offer a Sales Incentive Card!

2013-12-15 – Blackjack Strategy Card


What is a Blackjack Strategy Card!


Blackjack, also called Twenty-one, is a game of chance in which the player must beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points.

A Blackjack Strategy Card, printed on a durable thin plastic card, is a great tool to show the experienced player all the way to the novice the move that they should make that has the highest probability of a win.

In order to use the Blackjack Strategy Card you simply determine where your hand (the left column of the card) intersects with the card the dealer is showing (the top row of the card) and the code there will tell you to Stay, Hit, Double Down, or Split your hand.

Who Should Offer a Blackjack Strategy Card?

Whether a travel company, restaurant, retail store, taxi or limousine service, or even the local chamber of commerce, a Blackjack Strategy Card is a great way to get your company’s message out if you’re near a casino that offers blackjack. The usefulness and durability of the card will keep your name in your customer’s mind for years.

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