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Pre-paid Embossing/Personalization Card Fulfillment Services Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help you understand what would help in processing your order faster and more efficiently:

  1. All data must be received in legible, typewritten or computer generated material. We are not responsible for errors that are from handwritten or illegible printing.
  2. Please allow a 5% spoilage rate for jams, errors and/or misprints. We will not be responsible for replacing any stock in that range.
  3. Orders may be faxed, e-mailed or regular mailed in.
  4. Any personalization orders with consecutive numbering must have assigned numbers to each account written out prior to submittal.
  5. Each incoming order must have the actual card name listed on each page, along with a contact name and phone number in case there are any questions, or if faxed, transmission errors.
  6. Any information that stays the same for the entire order such as expiration date, or sub-title must be printed on each page and not just the cover sheet.
  7. Please provide a shipping address with each order.
  8. Cards are shipped via UPS Ground or Standard US Mail depending on weight. Any other service desired will be billed freight collect (you must provide us with an account number).
  9. With batch processing, freight will be billed at time of order.
  10. We will notify you when you fall below 100 cards to reorder.
  11. If you are having problems consistently with your order, please tell us, so that we may be alerted to the problem and correct it.

The Proper Format for E-mailing Embossing Lists

Following are some guidelines for sending your files for personalization properly.

  1. Use Microsoft Excel.
  2. Make sure all cells are formatted for text.
  3. All data must be in spreadsheet as it is to appear on each card.
  4. All embossing must be in CAPS and not to exceed 28 characters (including spaces) per line. Any data that is over the 28 character limit will be cut off!
  5. The following characters must not appear in your spreadsheet as our machines will not read them: ! @ # $ % * ( ) ? ~
  6. All items must appear in order by row as per how they will appear in order by line on card. For example; column A will contain your first line, column B will contain your second line, column C will contain your third line, etc. (see attached sheet for example)
  7. All emailed files must be named the job name and/or number assigned by us and dated.

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