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2014-01-24 – A Concrete Calling Card

What is a Concrete Calling Card?

In times past a calling card was a necessary means of announcing one’s presence within civilized society (to read more click here). A Concrete Calling Card solidifies the concept of the Calling Card in two ways:

1. The Concrete Calling Card is made of durable, waterproof plastic.

2. The Concrete Calling Card provides a piece of useful information on the reverse side (In the sample above a concrete load test company is providing the concrete volume of various sized columns)

Other Concrete Calling Card Ideas

Lumber Company = Nominal vs Actual Lumber Size Table

Dermatalogist = Skin Cancer Screening Guide

Casino = Blackjack Strategy Table

Shoe Store = International Shoe Size Comparison Chart

Dive Shop = Dive Table

2013-12-27 – Sales Incentive Card

Sales Incentive Card
What is a Sales Incentive Card?
Nothing happens within a business until a sale is made! Get things moving within your business by incentivizing your sales force!
A Sales Incentive Card is a plastic card that lays out the details of your incentives for your sales staff. Printed on durable plastic, the Sales Incentive Cards will show your commitment to rewarding your sales staff for meeting, and exceeding, your sales goals.

Who Should Offer a Sales Incentive Card?
Any business with a sales staff should offer a Sales Incentive Card!

2013-12-15 – Blackjack Strategy Card


What is a Blackjack Strategy Card!


Blackjack, also called Twenty-one, is a game of chance in which the player must beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21 points.

A Blackjack Strategy Card, printed on a durable thin plastic card, is a great tool to show the experienced player all the way to the novice the move that they should make that has the highest probability of a win.

In order to use the Blackjack Strategy Card you simply determine where your hand (the left column of the card) intersects with the card the dealer is showing (the top row of the card) and the code there will tell you to Stay, Hit, Double Down, or Split your hand.

Who Should Offer a Blackjack Strategy Card?

Whether a travel company, restaurant, retail store, taxi or limousine service, or even the local chamber of commerce, a Blackjack Strategy Card is a great way to get your company’s message out if you’re near a casino that offers blackjack. The usefulness and durability of the card will keep your name in your customer’s mind for years.

2013-04-19 – Wedding Hotel Keycard

Wedding Hotel Keycards
For the Bride who has thought of everything the personalized Wedding Hotel Keycard is that last detail that will bring the wedding experience for her guests over-the-top.

People who have used these have come back and told us how many times they were complimented for this wonderful finishing touch.

We recognize the hectic nature of the wedding experience and to alleviate any potential problems we will send a mockup of the Wedding Hotel Keycards to the hotel to confirm that they will function properly for the wedding guests.

2013-04-12 – Plastic Business Card

A Business Card to be Remembered

With a Clear, Durable, Waterproof, 30 Mil (Credit Card Size) Business Card you will make a lasting impression on everyone who receives your Business Card.
No longer will your Business Card be thrown in a drawer and forgotten. These distinctive Business Cards will ensure that your name is remembered.
Your name will be remembered
Your Business Card (and your name) will be shown to others
Waterproof and Fade-proof – These cards will last for years
(As an added benefit, I’ve personally noticed that entering my plastic business card in drawings/giveaways has increased my chances of winning)

2013-04-05 – Medical Alert Card


You’re trying to increase traffic into your medical clinic, medical office, or hospital.
The Medical Alert Card is the perfect solution.
On one side you provide information about your medical clinic, medical office or hospital. On the reverse side your patients, or potential patients, can write, with a standard ballpoint pen, their pertinent medical information.

Promote you business while helping your customers
Emergency Medical Service Providers will thank you
Only half the thickness of a credit card with the same durability
Cards will last several years

2013-03-29 – Booster Discount Cards

You’re a parent involved in your child’s life. Your looking for a way to help raise money for one of their activities. A Booster Discount Cards is the way to go. Whether your raising money for a sports team, school, scouts, or a civic organization the Booster Discount Card is the solution.

HOW IT WORKS: Local businesses provide discounts that are printed on the card. Your booster organization determines what to sell the card for and the expiration date of the card (Business owners will be wary of a never ending discount). The booster organization then mobilizes itself as a sales force.

WIN-WIN-WIN SITUATION: This is a win-win-win situation. The Booster organization (and of course the kids) win by raising necessary funds with a relatively low overhead. The customers purchasing the discount cards win by supporting the kids while receiving valuable discounts at local businesses. The local business owners win by increasing their customer base.

OPTION 1 – The “Grid”
DESCRIPTION: Arrange businesses providing discounts in support of your organization in a “Grid” pattern.
•Printed on durable PVC plastic
•Capable of displaying business logos
•Visually appealing layout
•Limited number of spots

OPTION 2 – The “Line”
DESCRIPTION: Arrange businesses providing discounts in support of your organization in a text “Line” pattern.
•Printed on durable PVC plastic
•Increased number of slots
•Simplified layout
• Marketing impact for businesses limited by layout

1. Businesses that Are Close to your Organization – Convenience Store, Gas Station
2. Businesses that Members or their Families Frequent – Restaurant, Arcade, Theme Park, etc.
3. Businesses that Are Owned by a Parent or Family Member
4. Suppliers/Vendors to your Organization – Sporting Goods store for a sports team, Musician’s Supply for a band.
1. Make it a No-Brainer – The buyer should get an unbelievable deal
2. The Norm – $10 or $15
1. Seek Balance – Too Long – Businesses will provide less of a discount. Too Short – Buyers will see less value in using the card.
2. The Norm – Season or School Year
1. Cast a Broad Net – Recruit as many trusted people to sell the cards as possible
2. Incentivize – Provide incentives for outstanding sales

2013-03-19 – Amortization Card

Amortization Cards! Interest Rates are at historic lows! Banks and Mortgage Companies can brand themselves, while showing their customers what it will cost to borrow money. We have done the work and have cards ready to print with rates starting at 0%, 1%, 2%, and 3% in 1/8% increments.

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